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Artisan soul and digital mentality


Because our jewels have been designed and made by HAND by our master goldsmiths. Each piece is unique and made to perfection according to the ancient goldsmith traditions.

Because it is with his handshake that man reveals his personality, communicates his security and builds relationships . A simple gesture that says who you are.

Because the HAND is the symbol of human action and personal responsibility. It is the tool of our every executive action, which allows us to manipulate the world to make our wishes come true.

Because with the HAND simple but important actions are carried out such as protecting what one loves, expressing one's creativity, giving life to a project, signing an agreement, confirming a union, helping others, and pushing on the accelerator to reach the goal.

The legend of the BLACK DIAMOND

Refined and seductive , the black diamond is linked to ancient times  legends that make it one of the most fascinating gemstones and mysterious .

Legend has it that the first black diamond was found by a British explorer around the early 1800s in Pondicherry, a city located in the hot and humid region of  Tamil  Nadu , in the southeast of the Indian subcontinent.

After weeks of searching for the treasure  Of  Brahma, exploring forests and ancient Hindu temples, finally the expedition came across the great statue of the Indian God who reigned in the middle of the tropical jungle, now abandoned and forgotten for centuries.

And it was precisely in the statue that the treasure was hidden: Brahma's two eyes were in fact two diamonds as black as night, hypnotic and divine .

Thus was born the legend of diamonds  blacks , a legend that is still shrouded in mystery linked to their origin .
In fact, some scholars declare that black diamonds do not have earthly origins, but that they come from space and that they are the remains of a supernova explosion .

A mysterious, ancient and esoteric detail that we have decided to embed in every MANO jewel  as a distinctive and characteristic sign, capable of embellishing the personality of the wearer and identifying a mysterious, modern, strong and  Safe  of himself.



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